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Influencer Marketing Agency in Nairobi, Kenya​

Local influencers are ideal for businesses looking to reach the Kenyan digital content consumer. Partnerships with digital Influencers provides us the opportunity to tap into a wider market and create a better understanding of the product and believability.

Tapping into trusted and known influencers gives brands many benefits; Successful awareness, great product consideration and conversion.

Digital Influencers in Kenya currently enjoy a big share of voice and have become pacesetters and brand ambassadors for several Global brands.

Why ASCL Influencer Marketing?

We are an influencer hub with a good database of influencers ranging from nano to super mega influencers. Our campaigns are theme driven and well customized per client goal and budget.

We have vast experience in Influencer marketing since Agency was established over a decade ago. Our negotiation style, good relationship with influencers, clear client briefs execution and finally Good ROI results in tasked campaigns.

What we consider for influencer Marketing for a successful Brand Partners c Campaign?

Category of Influencer

There are 4 categories of influencers based on followership and their roles;

  1. Nano influencers (1K–10K followers); awareness by weekly trenders, consideration and conversion drive by the rest due to their quality followership (best in conversion).
  2. Micro influencers (10K–100K followers); consideration and conversion drive due to their good engagement and relevancy.
  3. Macro influencers (100K–1M followers); awareness and consideration drive. HD and more creative content. Have good reach and engagement.
  4. Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers); awareness and retention drive. HD and professional content execution. Have extra good reach.

Influencer Handle Analysis

  • Influencer should have a business account for tracking.
  • Does the influencer have specific content strength.?
  • Does other content by influencer fit brand expectation?
  • Willingness of an influencer to share across other social handles.
  • Does the influencer audience engage with the branded content, or they only react to organic content?
  • Commitment by influencer to meet campaign timelines.

Influencer Requirement/Must

  • Must be best fit for the brand directly e.g. a customer to the brand or indirectly having a good audience that relates well with the brand
  • Influencer Must not have worked with a competitor brand.
  • Must be flexible with client requests
  • Must have a good reach and an engagement
  • Must be brand guidelines obedient; CTA, hashtag use etc.

Influencer field/expertise/Niche;

  • Bloggers/Vloggers influencers
  • Sports Journalists and Fitness Influencers
  • Photographers/Travels Influencers
  • Beauty/Fashionista/Lifestyle Influencers
  • Comedians as Influencers
  • TikTokers as Influencers

Some of Our Influencer Marketing Case Study

Multichoice Kenya

Assignment: Created awareness of various Euro 2020 games aired on DStv and GOtv.


  • Digital strategy,
  • Competitor Analysis,
  • and Influencer Management


  • 85 million impressions throughout the campaign,
  • Brand’s hashtags trended on Twitter weekly throughout the campaign period,
  • Campaign engagement rate 9/10
  • and Increased subscription rate on both GOtv and DStv.

Assignment: Create awareness of the just launched first Kenyan Showmax original available exclusively on Showmax VOD platform , Crime & Justice.


  • Digital strategy,
  • Influencer Management


  • High engagement from the target audience.
  • Over 2.69 Million impressions on social media within the first month, a 51% percent increase from previous month.
  • Increased Subscriptions to the platform which saw client pull down a running discount offer from the platform.

Assignment: Launch Spotify in Africa


  • Digital strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Management


  • Highly successful market entry
  • Campaign received a reach above 55%
  • Campaign earned over 40M impressions
  • com/Free site got over 112K clicks on YouTube.

Our Tools and Reporting on Influencers Marketing

ASCL Agency has a specialized tracking system modified to track influencers performance from twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube to TikTok. The tool displays the source, mentions, sentiments, word theme or word cloud full of keywords, to posts done by influencers and reach per influencer across handles. There is so much data insights from the tool that make a campaign successful.

influencermarketingin kenya
ASCL Influencers Reporting Tool

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